Why Double-t?

  • Industry Experience. Double-t has operated in the Office Products and other industries for over 12 years and its staff have gained an enormous amount of valuable, experience and knowledge. Double-t’s directors collectively have over 30 years professional IT experience. They have an excellent understanding of what is required now and what is required in the future to help grow their clients’ businesses.
  • Ease of use for customer. Double-t software and systems are always characterized by their intuitive yet powerful user interfaces. They take particular time to ensure that user interfaces are as easy, fast and intuitive as possible.
  • Excellent Service. Double-t staff are strongly committed to their client needs and to providing excellent service in all areas of development and support. They work with passion to impress and exceed customer expectations. “There is no substitute for quality”.
  • Integrity. Double-t staff believe in and live by high moral and ethical standards. They are passionate about hard work, honesty and reliability.
  • Customer Service. Double-t and its staff care about problems or issues that arise as if your business is their own. They provide round the clock support and understand when urgency demands an instant response. They extend this care and concern even to their customer’s customers to ensure that your customers are looked after if an issue arises.
  • Quality. Double-t staff are committed to delivering excellence and take enormous pride in their work. They like to think of each customer as a reference.
  • Other Services. Double-t are experts not only in web development, but have strong skills in development of accounting packages and ERP systems, integration of systems for improved ordering and communications, and database design and support.
  • Innovation. Double-t relishes the challenge of creating new, effective solutions to difficult problems.